I love soccer t-shirts.  I have a ton of them. I can go three months without wearing the same shirt twice.
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Tiffany is our Red Card Clothing favorite streaker.

The picture above is from the Orlando Sentinel.  Tiffany is the Tampa Bay streaker at a USA U-23 game not too long ago.  Really, too genius not to share.  I used to link back to the paper but they took the post down.

Note: Some of the products I write about have affiliate links on them.  Some do not.  If somebody wants to send me some products I will gladly write about them too.  Overall, I do it because I love the game and the clothes that go with it. I respect your privacy. I won’t take or sell your information either, not that there’s anyplace here to give me any.

Azteca Stadium

1st Minnesota Volunteers shirt worn at Azteca Stadium 2009

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