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steel 300x225 Bethlehem Steel Shirt   Bumpy Pitch

At the Maker's Mark Distillery with Bumpy Pitch

A few months ago I did a review on the Bethlehem Steel shirt by Bumpy Pitch.  I’m bringing it over here with slight editing to include comments from beans at Bumpy Pitch and The Original Winger.


Shipping was fast. I think I had the actual shirt within 5 days of ordering it. First off, it’s a solid shirt, of American Apparel or Alternative Apparel quality (can’t tell, no tag) Very comfortable, wears nicely, washed great. I can already tell this is going to be one of my favorite shirts.

My only concern I had about Bumpy Pitch is the past was their price. These shirts aren’t cheap! I only pulled the trigger because of their 30% off sale. They’re targeting the more affluent soccer fans, not the ones who carpool 20 hours to see the USA National Team play to save money (me). Here’s my thinking – when you buy a shirt, you’re helping support which is a fantastic soccer blog. Think of it as your premium for subscribing to public radio. It’s a great shirt and you get to enjoy the blog for the next year guilt free.

Thanks for the feedback on the shirt. We worked hard on getting them the way we wanted. In terms of the American Apparel or Alternative Apparel question…its neither. We cut and sew the shirts from scratch instead of using pre-made blanks. Part of that is taken into account via our pricing. Thanks for the support of both Bumpy Pitch and The Original Winger. We appreciate it!

beans – Bumpy Pitch and The Original Winger

I still love the shirt.  Order yours at Bumpy Pitch.

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