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Ireland Soccer Hoodie by Umbro
Barcelona Champions of Europe T-Shirt

Ireland Soccer Hoodie by Umbro

Ireland Aftermatch Soccer Hoodie

To celebrate MLS signing Robbie Keane, I thought it was approprate to feature something Irish.  This Ireland Soccer Hoodie by Umbro is pretty sweet with pocket in the front.  It’s got just enough green to be Irish yet you can wear it during winter and not look like you’re really looking forward to St. Patrick’s day.  100% cotton.  Only $65 which isn’t bad for a hoodie at all.

Barcelona Champions of Europe T-Shirt

Barcelona Champions of Europe Tshirt

I think Barcelona proved they are the best team on the planet.  Now you can go out and brag about it.  The shirt is on sale at

Personally, I tried to watch the game but didn’t have much luck. Aso you can see from this video, we were too busy cheesing off the local Fox 9 news anchor for interrupting the entire 2nd half of the game with weather alerts.  We tried to watch Barcelona win, we really did.  But even on a giant tv screen, it was hard to watch the game with 100 of my closest friends in the bar.

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