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Do you have your MLS Team Gnome?
Portland Timbers Long Sleeve T-Shirt by Adidas
Sporting KC Crackled Logo T-Shirt by Adidas
Video – MLS Best of 2011 So Far

Do you have your MLS Team Gnome?

LA Galaxy Gnome
LA Galaxy Gnome looking dapper.

In the WTF department, I’ve found maybe the most bizarre official MLS merchandise available.  Official Team Gnomes!  Sadly, there are only seven of them, and for some reason DC United has two.  Lucky bastards.  Prices range from $9.99 for the Earthquakes and DC United 1 Gnome to $24.99 for the Galaxy, Fire, and Crew Gnome.  Well worth the money if you ask me.  I expect absolutely ridiculous photographs featuring these Gnomes soon.

Chicago Fire Team Gnome

Chicago Fire


Columbus Crew


Seattle Sounders

San Jose-Earthquakes-Gnome

San Jose Earthquakes


DC United 1

DC United Thematic Gnome

DC United 2

The official tagline of these products are “You have the jersey, the poster, even the car sticker . .. but, do you have the gnome?”  GENIUS!  I see that my marketing degree has been wasted.  Feel free to click on each picture for a closer look.

Portland Timbers Long Sleeve T-Shirt by Adidas


Portland always had the reputation in the A-league as the place the players wanted to play because they had such a large crowd base.  While some teams would play in front of crowds of 1,500,  Portland would draw 11,000.  I know there’s a lot of jealousy towards the team because some of the MLS originals still don’t draw that.   Today I’m going to showcase the  Portland Timbers Long Sleeve T-Shirt by Adidas.

I’ve been to every western state except for Oregon for some reason.  But I have a theory that long sleeves are good.  This shirt is $35.

Sporting KC Crackled Logo T-Shirt by Adidas

Sporting KC Crackled Logo T-Shirt

Here’s a fun fact from DuNord.  On June 8th,  Sporting Kansas City were in last place (18th) in all of MLS with just 6 points from 10 games.  Today they are in the 7th place overall and 2nd place in the Eastern Conference with 36 points from 25 games.  Nice to play at home.  And what a home it is.  Seriously, go there if you haven’t.  Best soccer stadium I’ve been to in the United States.   So in celebration of an amazing stadium and an great form as of late, let me show off this Sporting KC distressed (or crackled) shirt.  It’s only $25.99.  When you go to Livestrong Sporting Park you’ll feel like you have to dress it it’s so nice.  Well, here’s the shirt for it.

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