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US National Amputee Soccer Team T-Shirts
Pothunting – Authentic American Soccerwear
Japan United Relief Soccer T-Shirt
Goal Announcement T-Shirt
Live Breathe Futbol

Pothunting – Authentic American Soccerwear

I like to think of Pothunting as keeping American soccer history alive. They feature the authentic designs that the teams actually wore back in the day. Most of the teams are from the East Coast, which makes perfect sense. There are quite a few teams I haven’t heard of which is pretty coool.

Golden Gate Gales T-Shirt

Their website isn’t very search friendly which is a pet peeve of mine. They use images instead of text which of course has its downside. Of course this has nothing to do with the t-shirt quality but I thought I’d point it out because it is holding them back from reaching a larger audience. I’ve complied a list of teams they are currently selling.

Atlanta Chiefs
Golden Gate Gales
LA Aztecs
1930 USA
Scullin Steel FC
Chicago Bricklayers
Chicago Cats
Joe Simpkins
Atlanta Chiefs
Banater FC
Bethlehem Steel FC
New York Giants
Paterson FC
New York Select
Crescent AC
Providence Clamdiggers
New York Brookhatten
Boston Minutemen
Fall River Rovers
Fall River Marksmen

Support American soccer. Grab a shirt from

Japan United Relief Soccer T-Shirt

This is yet another one of those important shirts that needs to get in front of people.  It’s the Japan United Relief soccer t-shirt from World Soccer Shop.  They say 100% of the proceeds from the sale of this shirt will be donated via the Red Cross directly to relief efforts in Japan.  It’s yet another little way to help after the disaster. $17.99.

Goal Announcement T-Shirt

If you stare at the picture really hard you’ll notice the model is wearing a pretty cool soccer t-shirt. To quote the shirt, it says “Goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaa .etc”. If you visit the Busted Tees site, you’ll see a guy wearing the shirt too. That makes it both cool and unisex. Let’s hear if for cool sarcastic soccer shirts! The official color of the shirt is grass, which I approve of. If the official color was turf, then the shirt would suck and the guy scoring the goal on the shirt would blow out his MCL. But they’ve got it right. $20.

BustedTees – Best Thing To Happen To T-Shirts Since Cotton

Live Breathe Futbol

Live Breathe Futbol is a brand created by a futbol fanatic that seeks to embody the passion and love we all have for the beautiful game.   The goal is to curate a brand that offers exceptionally designed products that reflect the color and creativity of futbol.  To understand what LBF is about you need to look no further than the name.  The brand is a testament to the passion and love we all have for futbol.

I’m not a Man U fan but this shirt still caught my eye.  Great design!  $24.00 in their shop.

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