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Red USA Flip It Reversible Jacket by Nike
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USMNT Haters Welcome T-shirt & Hoodie
New USA 2011 Red Soccer Jersey
USMNT World Cup Away Soccer Jersey

USMNT Haters Welcome T-shirt & Hoodie

USA Haters Welcome Soccer Shirt

Where or where did this come from?  It’s called the USA 2011 Core Soccer T-Shirt.  Are we, as soccer fans, so secure in our fandom that we really welcome criticism?   This shirt is like an open invitation to the Jim Rome show.  And personally, I kind of like the shirt.  There’s a hoodie too.  I’m guessing they’re going to roll out an entire line of clothing since politics pretty much ruined any hope of using “Don’t Tread on Me”.   For games, I have the new red jersey that’s featured in a previous post.  For wearing around town, I like the black shirt.  There’s a white one too but if I’m wearing white I will spill something on me.  It’s a given. $24.99 from World Soccer Shop

USA Haters Welcome Soccer Hoodie

New USA 2011 Red Soccer Jersey


It’s finally here.  The red jersey that USA fans have waited years for.  When you go to USMNT games, you’re suppose to wear red.  That’s always been a challenge because US Soccer hasn’t had a red kit for years.  Well, problem solved.  Nike introduced the USA 2011 Third Kit soccer jersey today.  I’m expecting that a large percentage of passionate fans are going to scoop them up, including myself.  You better get your order in because they will be hard to get, just like the other USMNT jerseys were during the world cup.  What was it, a 3 month wait to get the blue one?  Get it in time for the Gold Cup.  $69.9 from

USMNT World Cup Away Soccer Jersey

USMNT Away Soccer Jersey 2010-2012

Gotta love the new jersey. How cool is it that all of Nike’s new away jerseys are made of recycled plastic bottles? Very cool if you ask me. And less than $70 bucks too?! While I’m still hoping they come out with red jerseys (for that whole wear red thing at games), I’d choose this one over white any day. So make yourself super good looking and pick one up.

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