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Bumpy Pitch Hoodie – BPFC

Bumpy Pitch Hoodie – BPFC

Bumpy Pitch Hoodie

This might be the greatest hoodie I’ve ever seen.  I will be ordering this in seven days when my items I’m selling close on E-bay.  Why am I selling stuff?  Because I want to buy this hoodie.  There’s been some good reviews on Twitter from people who have gotten theirs already.

If you haven’t seen it, BP recently posted a great article about their company.  It’s a great read and gives a nice glimpse of who they are.  I admit, I’m a fan and they don’t pay me to say that.  If you buy one, make sure you leave one for me.

Follow up, I’ve had the hoodie for over a year now.  It’s a great piece of clothing.  Definitely quality material.  Nice touches like the inside material of the hoodie.  I recommend buying it.  $78

Product Description

100% cotton men’s hoodie made from extra thick 380 gram french terry for a nice weight and a super soft feel. This hoodie has a BPFC Patch on the left arm, double seam hood with BPFC hatch pattern printed lining and a heavy duty YKK zipper. Available in Vintage Black.

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