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Tampa Bay Rowdies Tshirt
Throwbackmax NASL T-Shirts

Tampa Bay Rowdies Tshirt

Here’s the official new Tampa Bay Rowdies shirts straight from the NASL team. Missed a golden opportunity in my opinion – they should be green shirts. Buy them here for $30


This “unofficial” Tampa Bay Rowdies t-shirt is available from Who Are Ya Designs for $18.99.  Why is it unofficial?  Well, it’s a long story.  It goes back to wanting an official Rowdies jersey.


Tampa Bay Rowdies

This is one of my favorite shirts.  Originally I could only order them in bulk, so I order a couple dozen, and sold them through this website.  Sold them mostly to Florida but people have bought them coast to coast.

A month after I started selling them, the Tampa Bay Rowdies reformed.  Who saw that coming?  You can see version 2.0 play in the new NASL second division.  There’s a lawsuit over the logo (which caused me headaches) that’s caused the team to be called FC Tampa Bay for a few seasons.  The people who claim to own the logo do sell this shirt.  Their site is http://section219.com/.   They definitely don’t make it easy to order.  Last I checked they sold them for $36 each.

If you’re a fan of NASL shirts, then check out my NASL T-Shirt section for links of other shirts I have found.

Slightly off topic, but Peter Ward of Tampa Bay Rowdies fame wrote a book called “No Goal, No Glory. An English Soccer Star in the NASL and MISL” that’s available on the Kindle.  Since it is so hard to get anything Rowdies, I thought I’d include it here.

Throwbackmax NASL T-Shirts

Somebody tipped me off to this company which sells a huge selection of NASL t-shirts.  I haven’t seen them myself in person but I was told “‘I’ve purchased from them several times in the past so I can speak to the high quality of the product. The tees are very durable & the screen printing is first rate all the way.”

They even have the ever elusive Tampa Bay Rowdies t-shirt that is a copyright headache.  I don’t get any money for linking to them so if you do buy a shirt, let me know how it looks and feels:

Philadelphia Atoms T-Shirt


The vintage soccer t-shirts they sell are:

ASL Logo
Atlanta Apollos – 1973
Atlanta Chiefs – 1978
Baltimore Blast – 1980
Boston Minutemen – 1974
Buffalo Stallions – 1979
California Surf – 1978
Chicago Sting – 1975
Chicago Spurs – 1969
Cincinnati Commets – 1976
Cleveland Cobras – 1974
Cleveland Stokers – 1967
Dallas Sidekicks – 1984
Dallas Tornado – 1967
Denver Avalanche – 1980
Denver Dynamos – 1973
Detroit Cougars – 1967
Detroit Express – 1978
Edmonton Drillers – 1969
Ft. Lauderdale Strikerss – 1977
Houston Hurricane – 1978
Indianpolis Daredevils – 1977
KC Suprs – 1973
LA Aztecs – 1974
Miami Gatos – 1972
Miami Toros – 1973
Minnesota Strikers – 1986
New England Teamen – 1978
New York Eagles – 1976
New York Generals – 1967
NJ Rockets – 1981
Oakland Buccaneers – 1976
Pennsylvania Stoners – 1979
Philadelphia Atoms – 1973
Philadelphia Fever – 1976
Philadelphia Fury – 1978
Rochester Lancers – 1970
Sacramento Spirits – 1976
San Diego Nomads – 1986
San Diego Sockers – 1974
San Jose Earthquakes – 1970
San Francisco Golden Gales – 1967
Deattle Sounders – 1974
Seattle Sounders – 1983
Seattle Storm – 1984
St. Louis Stars – 1969
St. Louis Steamers – 1978
Tacoma Stars – 1983
Tacoma Tides – 1976
Tampa Bay Rowdies – 1975
The Caribous of Colorado – 1978
Toronto Blizzard – 1979
Vancouver Royals – 1968
Vancouver Whitecaps – 1974
Washington Diplomats – 1974

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