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Live Breathe Futbol
Soccer is Football T-shirt
Bethlehem Steel Shirt – Bumpy Pitch

Live Breathe Futbol

Live Breathe Futbol is a brand created by a futbol fanatic that seeks to embody the passion and love we all have for the beautiful game.   The goal is to curate a brand that offers exceptionally designed products that reflect the color and creativity of futbol.  To understand what LBF is about you need to look no further than the name.  The brand is a testament o the passion and love we all have for futbol.


Soccer is Football T-shirt

Soccer is FootballI found this shirt really pisses off the hard core fantasy football players I know. After what seemed to be months of smack talk about who’s better at picking their lineups, blah blah blah, I suggested we get a real football, take it outside, and settle it once and for all. Didn’t happen.  That means I’m allowed to mock them now.  BustedTees has this gem of a shirt. It’s simple, straight to the point, and kinda dumb. Perfect! Get it for $20.  Available in both men’s and women’s.

Soccer T-Shirt

Bethlehem Steel Shirt – Bumpy Pitch

Bethlehem Steel

Bumpy Pitch

A few years ago I did a review on a green Bethlehem Steel shirt by Bumpy Pitch. Fantastic shirt, I still wear it. Well, that run has sold out and now there’s a new batch in blue. Originally I asked what t-shirt manufacturer they used. Below is the answer:

We cut and sew the shirts from scratch instead of using pre-made blanks. Thanks for the support of both Bumpy Pitch and The Original Winger. We appreciate it!

I still love the shirt.  Order yours at Bumpy Pitch.

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